PROMINET: Record, Respond, Reveal

PROMINET is our real-time patient monitoring and reporting of chemotherapy side effects system with a free app that can be installed on a patient’s smartphone or tablet.

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Dedicated PROMinet website with usage instructions and video is now live
PROMinet Reporter Personal Edition  now in Apple AppStore and Google Play store. Click here.





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Prominet: Tracks side effects

Why PROMinet?

Clinicians are not able to spot the adverse effects that patients, themselves, detect – as discovered in this 2004 study.

PROMinet empowers patients with convenient and accessible data recording that allows clinicians to be better informed.

Always accessible

PROMINET Reporter is an app available for mobile devices. PROMINET Reporter contains a series of questions specific to chemotherapy side-effects with answers graded according to the severity of the response. As an app it can be customised to alert the patient or carer if a response hasn’t been received within a specific timeframe.

Side effects tracked

The questions set within the application can be easily changed to suit the individual’s treatment regimen. Patient’s responses are received within seconds and can be monitored by a custom-built dashboard on the PROMINET Portal. This allows the clinical team to be alerted to responses that indicate moderate or severe grades of toxicity that may therefore warrant immediate reaction. The system can also send an SMS to a member of the clinical team to alert them of any concerning response.

See the journey

The patient may visualise his or her progress through the app’s traffic-light colour coding of each repsonse, using a system similar to the UK oncology nurse systems (UKONS). Both the patient and the clinical team may also obtain an “at-a-glance” assessment of the patient’s progress through the use of the graphical representation. Data on toxicity collected though patient reported outcomes can be analysed according to the clinical team’s specifications based on our cancer analytics systems, PROMINET Insight.

Precision care for patients

Through the app, clinical teams are able to provide care that would be in accordance to patient choice, which has a major role in patient experience and compliance. By actively and strategically managing side effects, treatment effectiveness is enhanced whilst avoiding unnecessary hospitalisation or premature termination of treatment. Notably, the graphical representation of toxicities will allow clinicians to manage dosing on a real time basis.


The flow of information improves safety, efficiency and outcomes

The way ahead

PROMINET: Patient Reported Outcomes Measures Intelligence NETwork is continuing development and improvements.


Reporter (Personal Edition) now available in Apple and Google app stores

Personal edition is an offline version of Reporter that lets you record your side effects daily. It also includes helpful recommendations for what to do when experiencing side effects.

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